Career coaching

“I've never done it, so I think I can do it”

Why career coaching?

You have to be increasingly flexible, sustainable, employable, vital and combine work and private life adequately. Changes and reorganizations during your career make you stronger, but can also bring you out of balance or offer a new perspective.

Which path suits you the best? How do you deal with disappointment, acceptance, mourning, new ideas, choices, etc.? How do you ensure that you do not lose yourself in all of this?

A career coach is your personal guide to self-insight. What do you need to do to achieve your goals? For example, the next step in your career. With the goal being: more satisfaction, balance and pleasure. What are your stress factors? What is your motivation? What developmental goals do you have? With these and/or other questions in mind we are able to determine your coaching goal.

Career coaching: who is it for?

Some examples of career coaching questions: 

“Anna has a very nice personality and gives genuine attention. She understands well how she can bring the coaching program to a success. Anna is a professional coach who knows how to motivate and support you in your transformation proccess. Moreover, she is always well prepared, which gives a "familiar feeling.”

What does a career coach do?

Anna shows you how to focus on what you really want and how you can enjoy more! Anna is a professional sounding board. She challenges you to use your qualities and make choices. With coaching conversations, reflection exercises and specific assignments, you discover what really suits you. You get more insight into the consequences of how you think and act. Thanks to this you will do what gives you energy, with more self-confidence, more vitality and resilience.

How much time does career coaching take?

This is different for every coach question. On average you can assume around eight sessions  of one to one and a half hours. This is excluding the assignments for the next coaching session. For successful coaching it is important that you dare to look at yourself and open up. 

Do you also want to get ahead in your work? Feel good and fit (again), experience more balance and enjoy yourself? Then career coaching is what you need!