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Personal coaching: passion for people

Coach Anna originated from Anna’s passion –her genuine interest in people. After the graduation from Agricultural University Anna emigrated from Poland to the Netherlands. There she acted as an intermediator between Dutch and Polish companies in the agricultural sector. Afterwards in addition to caring for her family, she worked as a volunteer, teacher and coach in the United Kingdom, China, Mexico and the Netherlands.

During her search for stress reduction, partly due to an illness, she immersed herself in yoga and mindfulness, and became a RYT200h yoga teacher. This, together with her love of nature, shaped and inspired her to further development as a professional Life, Career and Vitality Coach. Anna is a member of Nobco, the Dutch Association of Professional Coaches and EMCC European Mentoring & Coaching Council.
Becky, (USA)
“I had the pleasure of meeting Anna when my husband and I moved to the Netherlands in 2011.

Anna has an amazing ability to draw people in because she truly listens without judgement. Her positive attitude and strength are contagious. She has a natural ability to coach people; a talent she has possessed for years. Anna’s experiences being abroad have given her an ability to be sensitive to cultural differences and points of view. She really embraces the people and environment wherever she goes. I have sought her counsel many times. It’s her encouragement and guidance that has and will continue to help whoever seeks her coaching. She has an ability to look at a problem and see how to guide a person through finding peace with how it has ended or will end.

When my family was faced with a great tragedy, Anna helped me focus on what I could control at the time and to see that there still were positive things in my life. This helped me in immeasurable ways. No matter how far apart we are, I know I can count on Anna to be there for me in whatever capacity I need. I would highly recommend Anna as a life coach. ”
Dominique, (NL)
“In the last few weeks (of the coaching process) I have been told more and more that I have changed (in a positive way .... The change is very tangible for myself despite I did not think I could change because I was so used to being who I am and had just accepted that it would always stay that way.

After years of different therapies without great results, I seriously no longer felt that something could really change my feeling and yet with this training major changes have indeed occurred in my life.

You bring up questions that I had never thought of myself and let me come up with answers that I can seriously use. That's how I got to know myself better in recent months. Who I am but especially who I want to be and who I really can and may be. ”
Daniela, (PL)
“Very nice coaching sessions in which I could fully concentrate on myself and discover what I really want. It gave me the space to think and helped me understand the important decisions in my life. I opened myself to new possibilities and a different way of thinking, using the knowledge and methods of Mrs. Anna. Mrs. Anna's empathy and understanding for another person, and her ability to move so that the desired result is achieved is fascinating.

Manon, (NL)
“Anna made me aware of the fact that I was running very fast. She signaled things to me that I did not (yet) see myself. I am very grateful that she pointed this out to me at the time. I also benefit from the tips she gave me to become more aware of the signals from my body.

Anna also taught me - during a coaching program of four sessions that was specially customised for me - how the body reacts to stress. That made it even easier for me to take things easy on time. This is of course difficult to say whether I really managed to prevent a burn-out or not. But those few conversations with Anna have given me a lot of insight!

I took her advice to heart and still benefit from it every day. So now I know exactly when I need to take a break if my body gives a certain (stress) signal. I go for a walk or take time for myself in a different way.

I got to know Anna as a warm and understanding person. She is empathetic and can listen well. I would therefore advise anyone who - for whatever reason - is not feeling well, to contact Anna. She can really help find a way out or discover a new turn. ”
Roger, (NL)
“I have been helped very well with my coach question and I am extremely satisfied with the progress and outcome of the coaching process. Anna has a very nice personality. She has sincere attention and understands well how the coaching process can lead to success. She is a professional coach who knows how to motivate and support you in the coaching process and is always well prepared, what gives you a familiar feeling. As a coach I have experienced you as a confidant and that ensures open conversations and eventually the best results.”
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Coach style

Her style is intuitive and creative. She supports you - with enthusiasm and empathy - to bring out the best in yourself. She coaches from the conviction that being close to yourself makes you truly powerful.

Anna shows you how your self-knowledge can take you to an even higher level. This will lead to surprising insights, and you will increasingly develop self-confidence. If you are aware of your own needs and strengths you can set suitable goals for yourself. Anna is happy to guide you through the process of realizing your goals.

Personal coaching: for more vitality

Anna specializes in life coaching, career coaching and expat coaching

In addition, she provides, if desired, extra vitality guidance such as: