Expat coaching

“As you start to walk out on the way, the way appears”
- Rumi

Why an expat coach?

An expat coach is there for people who experience cultural challenges. Anna offers support i.e.:

- Expats who - with or without their families - are (temporarily) based in a new      country.
- Returning Dutch people with international experiences who feel that they no    longer "fit" in their own country.

These situations sometimes require a lot of adaptability. Everything feels different. How do you stand up to it without losing yourself?

You are in search of finding your own way in a new environment, in a different culture. You’ll benefit from more self-confidence, pleasure, direction, decisiveness, autonomy, etc.

For whom is an expat coach effective?

“Anna has an ability to look at a problem and see how to guide a person through finding peace with how it has ended or will end. When my family was faced with a great tragedy, she helped me focus on what I could control at the time and to see that there still were positive things in my life. This helped me in immeasurable ways.”

What does an expat coach do?

An expat coach helps you to feel understood and recognized in your new environment and / or to tackle challenges far from home. Anna can quickly relate to your situation and let you experience how you - even in a different culture - find happiness and satisfaction.

She’ll help you set limits (literally and figuratively) and retain your authenticity. So you can resume your life with pleasure and energy.

Expat life and career related coach questions

Coach Anna

Anna is an expat coach and expert through her own experiences

Anna has been an expat for many years, with experence in many diffierent countries and understands your situation. She learned to find her own way in many different cultures: Poland, China, United Kingdom, Mexico and the Netherlands. She did this by opening herself up, not judging and always focusing on all the positive things that came her way: friendships, interesting cultures, etc.

Coach Anna is there for all coaching questions, out of the perspective of the expat / foreigner and his environment.