Liberation Day 2020 and the Freedom

Big Things Have Small Beginnings  – T. E. Lawrence

Today, exactly 75 years after the liberation of the Netherlands we celebrate freedom. Luckily this has always been important to a majority of us. On a day like this, the word “freedom” has an extra dimension. Today more than ever we are conscious of what it means and how fragile it is.

Today it is not a slowly fading away historical fact, that some would like to put behind themselves. Today it is not only about the victory after WWII. We need to cherish life not only on the 5th of May but in everyday life.  

At this very moment freedom is for many something very real and very personal.

We feel a gratitude for being able to live in a liberal and developed country, where we enjoy a lot of freedom that wouldn’t be possible without the sacrifice and the heroism of those who gave their live for us.

This year however, the very concept of freedom for people all around the world is being tested. The realisation that although we are free, we are unable to exercise that right, creates a feeling of deprivation for many and tests the very word “freedom” itself.

For freedom means so much more. This year we not only celebrate it, we live it.

Therefore we mustn’t forget that freedom is our one of most important goods.

Let’s cherish freedom every day, beginning from ourselves by

  • being honest, open, empathic and loving
  • treating another the way you’d like to  be treated
  • treating ourselves with compassion and love

All great thing begin small. So the freedom. Cause the freedom is inside of us!


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