“You decide your own level of involvement”
- Chuck Palahniuk

Why life coaching?

Our lives rarely follow a predetermined plan. Adapting to these new situations demand a lot of energy and hard work. Are you experiencing this at the moment? A life coach takes you further, by letting you discover your own path, by mirroring, encouraging and motivating.

Life coaching shows you how to make choices and how to approach them with confidence. These skills are applicable in private situations , at work, or a combination of both.

For whom is life coaching?

Do you want to feel better in your own skin? Do you recognize yourself in one of the situations below? Then life coaching is for you.

“Anna brings up questions that I had never thought of myself and let me come up with answers that I can seriously use. That's how I got to know myself better in recent months."

Coach Anna

Life coaching by Anna is coaching out of empathy

Anna shows you, among other things, how you can trust your intuition and feeling. As a life coach  she has broad experience. She employs practical tools and a personal, solution oriented approach, with nature as an important starting point. She also likes to implement nature walks in her coaching programs. Thanks to her empathy, intuition, coaching and life experience gained in no fewer than five different cultures, she quickly empathizes with your situation. This way she can support best you during your process of change. 

In addition to lifecoaching, Anna also provides expat coaching and career coaching.